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Flexible  Plans

We know that each business is unique. That's why we offer flexible one-time or monthly subscription plans to address your specific needs.

Choose a plan to help you reduce the impact of climate change on your business and your business's environmental impact in order to build a more sustainable future. 

Choose your plan

Find one that works for you

Risk Assessment



per month


Perform Risk Assessments

14 Day

Free Trial

  • Access to Climate Change Risks Database

  • Risk Evaluation Methods & suggested Heat Map

  • Risk Identification & Analysis

  • Risk Assessment Report

  • Risk Hierarchy

  • Risk Monitoring Dashboards

  • Monthly reevaluations and Reports

Mitigation Actions



per month


Build Mitigation


14 Day

Free Trial

  • All benefits of the Risk Assessment Plan

  • Access to 500 Risk Mitigation Actions 

  • Access to 90 Climate-related Projects

  • Risk Mitigation Strategies 

  • Risk Appetite Scenarios

  • Control Measures Effectiveness Reports (likelihood and impact)




€ 291

per month


 Select and Monitor Indices 

14 Day

Free Trial

  • All Benefits of Risk Assessment and Mitigation Actions Plans

  • Access to 800 preloaded Indices

  • Own Indices and KPIs

  • Targets per Index

  • Ad hoc Reports

  • Performance Monitoring Dashboards

Modelling & Analytics 



per month

Forecasting of Risks and KPIs

  • All benefits from Risk Assessment, Mitigation Actions and Indices Management Plans 

  • Modelling physical and transitional climate change risks

  • Forecasting of risks and KPIs under different climate scenarios (e.g. RCP 2.6 and RCP8.5) for the milestones 2030, 2040 and 2050

  • Customised Hazard Maps based on your location (for physical risks)

Join us on a journey to identify Climate Risks and build a sustainable future  for your business

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