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RiskClima acts as a pool of knowledge and expertise. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of our services and solutions, our team is made up of experts in the fields of:

- Environmental science 
- Business and financial analysis

- Cloud Computing application development

- Data Science

- Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. 

We combine our knowledge and skills with our valuable industry experience from participating in our clients' projects to provide solutions to real business problems.

In addition, through our partnerships we maintain connections to colleagues from other disciplines, as well as research facilities that give us access to Big Data and help us address difficult topics.

informed decision making for climate change mitigation actions

Having worked with Big Data Analytics, we have realised that the only sure way to tackle ESG and Sustainability issues, is to eliminate subjectivity.

In order to draw safe conclusions and recommendations that will improve business decision- making, is to analyze the Events and Data. Sustainability issues are currently multi-factorial as they are linked to a mixture of social, economic and scientific aspects.


ESG-type standards are a first step in a long process of identifying and monitoring an organisation's (current) performance and of compliance towards more demanding management methods. However, building a sustainable future goes beyond compliance to ESG standards and requires careful planning and forecasting of KPIs in future periods. Thus, the use of Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence can be valuable assistants for predicting the future and defining new action plans in business.


Our team strongly believes in the value of user-friendly platforms and interactive tools based on cloud computing that allow for continuous and real-time visualisation of an organization's performance (indicators), which in turn leads to more informed decision-making for long periods in the future.

At RiskClima, we are dedicated to creating a sustainable future for businesses and to an extent for our planet.

Our team is passionate about finding innovative solutions to the challenges posed by climate change but also to converting complex data to business-tangible information.

We believe that every business can travel this journey to pinpoint its Risks but also its Opportunities regaring Sustainability and climate change. 

Whether you are just starting your Sustainability journey or are looking to take your initiatives to the next level, we are here to help!

Create a sustainable future for your business

Ready to Build a Sustainable Future
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