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Climate affects your business

You are already familiar with climate change and its global effects from the daily announcements and references of scholars,  politicians and activists. 

Our objective is to go beyond all these and  help you address the climate issues and their impact on your business in depth. We aim to provide real solutions.

RiskClima is the tool that helps predict your business Risks from climate change, plan Mitigation Actions in time and  build its resilience for a sustainable future.  

Why RiskClima

Traditional Risk Management Methodologies and Tools fail to address Risks resulting from climate change events.

These methodologies are not able to accommodate extended future periods, such as the year 2050 which by definition is out of reach for most business planning tools.

The prevailing "technology" in Risk Management and Planning today are the traditional spreadsheets! However all businesses are experiencing the same problem: Spreadsheets reach very soon their limits in processing various kinds of data, modelling the future, communicating with external databases, allowing historical and future projections, providing dynamic visualisations and other limitations pertinent to a spreadsheet.  

Using spreadsheets you cannot manage milestones of climate activity to the year 2050!

RiskClima is a tool that incorporates Best Practices from two worlds:

Risk Management and Climate Change.


It provides a map of implications for your business from climate events cross referenced to Risks in a monetised and prioritised format. 

In addition, mitigation actions are suggested to help you prepare a comprehensive plan to Net Zero and meet Regulatory Requirements. 


This is how Climate Change
Affects your Business


Regulation increases.


Climate Events affect global environment.


Governments and investors prepare plans and allocate funds.


First interim Milestone.


Businesses and Organisations commit to reduce Carbon 



More funds become available.


Second interim Milestone.


Industries  abandon fossil fuels, adopt alternative energy sources, increase   utilisation of carbon-free materials.


Final Milestone.


Net Zero Target  accomplished.


Benefits from shift to clean energy, clean materials and Net Zero emissions. 

Beyond Sustainability! 

Experience has shown that the standards adopted up to now, mainly within the scope of ESG, have led businesses and organisations to a certain degree of assurance towards sustainable future however have not addressed the issues of Risk. 


Our RiskClima tool will help you go beyond the boundaries of ESG.

Here is what you additionally get with RiskClima:

  • Indices (what to monitor regarding climate)

  • Risk Templates

  • Mitigation Actions

  • Climate change-related Projects (definition and plans)

  • Opportunities scanning for Climate and Risk events

  • Knowledge Database

  • Monetised Risks (Likelihood and Severity inclusive)

  • Modelling to the year 2050

  • Reporting templates (e.g. GHG footprint, climate change risks)

  • Visualisation Dashboards

Scenarios investigated to answer the big questions

Interconnected processes supported by RiskClima

  1. How is your company performing today? (Indices)

  2. What is your Risk level today (Inherent Risk)?   

  3. Suggested plan to improve indices and risks:

    • which actions must be taken?

    • how much will each action cost to improve risks and indices in the year 2030, 2040 or even 2050? 

  4. If actions are implemented, then:​

    • how high will the residual risk be (in % and amount)? ​

    • how will performance indices change in the future?

  5. Suggested set of goals and objectives to meet Net-Zero targets.​

Data Science applied in Risk Management

RiskClima is a Cloud platform which includes a set of knowledge libraries such as Risks, Opportunities, Metrics, Performance Indicators and Actions.


These are complemented with internal and/or external databases of scientific, technical and other data in order to create valid and business-tailored models for managing climate change issues and developing appropriate action plans for adaptation (risk management) and mitigation (i.e. carbon footprint reduction).

Data Science applied to Risk Management

Getting started

RiskClima platform is structured in such a way that users are able to manage all functionality from A to Z by themselves. 

After choosing your plan and paying the subscription fees you gain a valid authentication access and then RiskClima is ready for you to use.


Webinars, tutorials and examples are available to help you customise the tool to your specific requirements. A helpline is also available for special requirements and tailor-made solutions.

RiskClima Tutorials to get you started

Join us on a journey to identify Climate Risks and build a sustainable future  for your business

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