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We are now able to predict the future to the year 2050

RiskClima is created with practical examples, data and suggestions to help you navigate in the complicated issues of climate change. Here is a description of the kinds of information you would expect to find on the system.

There is no doubt that climate change is affecting the way businesses, organisations, governments and individuals around the world think and operate.

One in three Americans experienced extreme weather events this year, which put their property and lives at risk. Seventy-five million Canadians and Americans were affected by the recent fires in North America in June 2023!

Europe, although not the top CO2e pollutant, already suffers from severe climate issues.

People are dying because of extreme weather. Between 1980 and 2020, over 138.000 people in the European Union lost their lives due to extreme weather events and climate related events. Germany, France and Italy suffered the most.

There is no doubt that the global society must act now. But what do we know with certainty will happen by the year 2050 to tackle the rise of temperature and consequently the negative effects of climate change?

- Carbon-free construction materials: for steel, cement, glass, their production process is expected to change because they are responsible for 31% of global CO2 emissions.

- New forms of energy: Natural gas is not a long-term solution for heating buildings and energy production in general. Renewables – wind and solar - are expected to expand, hydrogen and nuclear will be gradually introduced in the energy grid.

- Chronic geomorphological changes: Sea levels will rise, so buildings in coastal areas will require special measures.

- Extreme weather events: Floods, droughts and heat waves will intensify and have increasingly severe impacts.

- New technologies - Innovation: Many innovations are already in the Research and Pre-exploitation stage, e.g. renewable devices with smaller units and larger generation capacity at lower prices, new generation nuclear power, new fertilisers, CO2 removal from the air, etc.

- Adaptation: Preparedness plans, disaster / recovery procedures, mitigation actions and contingency plans will be required at all levels of civic and economic activities.

How RiskClima helps you address the above? By providing data bases of Climate Risks, Mitigation actions, sample projects of preparedness, simulation models for CO2 reduction plans, and many other utilities at a click of a button.


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