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Loading your Risk Registry

The Risk Registry is a key element on RiskClima. It contains all risks identified by an organisation with the denominating parameters characterizing each one of them, such as likelihood, severity, amount etc.

Loading your Risk Registry
Loading your Risk Registry

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About this Tutorial

RiskClima provides procedures to load Risks and Opportunities in a Data Base. For each of them you will also define the amounts, severity, likelihood and cost. Other parameters include Risk classification, Risk treatment, Precision estimation, history of Risks overtime and categorisations such as Areas of Interest, Risk causes etc.. By attending this tutorial you will be able to upload and maintain your own Risk Registry.

The Speaker: Dr. Evangelia Louropoulou

Environmental Scientist with extensive experience in Environmental Monitoring, Risk Assessments and Management.  Continuously involved in converting scientific data, Big Data from external databases and climate models to business tangible and actionable information using Analytics, AI and ML tools.  Currently employed as a Consultant and Analyst on ESG, Climate Change and Sustainability related projects and applications.

Pls see full bio here

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